Oct 052009

So here I am thinking of ways to add more content to the site when I realized that “the place to go for useless opinions” didn’t have enough opinions. How do I fix this little problem? I decided to try my hand at running a little blog on my own opinions regarding just whatever happens to be on my mind at the time.¬† Now where do I begin….

I was trolling the net the other day and I can across on this article on a sub site of Newsweek.com called Techtonic Shifts. In this article the author puts away his iPod for a week and gives the new Zune HD a go. He then proceeds crap all over the Zune using incorrect facts and little¬† nit-picks. He even based part of his “review” on a cut he received from a part of the case that was messed up due to him dropping the device in the street. It is a good thing that the site calls the page a blog and not a true review because I would have to really question this guys journalistic integrity.

However, what really got me all worked up about this article is the fact that this shows just how smug and snooty Apple fanboys can be. I don’t know why there are a lot of people out there that think they are better than everyone else because their devices have a picture of fruit on the side of it. Now I know what you are thinking and yes, it is true, I am not a fan of Apple products. It is not because I think I am better than them or that I believe that their products are absolute crap. I just don’t have a preference for them. Their computers are great for media editing and I hear that they are very user friendly. The iPhone was very revolutionary when it can out with it’s touchscreen interface and multitudes of apps for download.

Unfortunately, I just don’t want to spend $1500 on a new computer just to try out a OS that I may or may not like. I don’t like how iTunes manages media and piles on the DRM. I don’t like how the iPhone can only be use on AT&T networks. I will stick with my Windows, T-Mobile G1 phone and Zune. These products serve me well.

Am I open-minded when it comes to new products or am I just a Microsoft fanboy? Well the G1 phone is proof that I am not. Openoffice.org is my preferred office software. Mozilla Firefoxis great for getting me on the internet. Gmail handles my email. Hell, I even took a laptop I wasn’t using threw Ubuntu on it for kicks.

I guess the point I am trying to get at is that the world does not revolve around your brand of choice. Keep and open mind. Always be on the look out for new products. Try them out without letting your bias get in the way. Don’t treat a fruit company like they are gods. Steve Jobs is not the second coming of Jesus.