Oct 122009

I am very upset at Microsoft.

There I was, enjoying the great satisfaction of beating Infamous on the PS3. I decided that it was time to tackle Halo ODST. I powered up the X-Box 360 only to be greeted with the legedary Red Ring of Death. This is my second time getting this failure. This incident couldn’t come at a worse time. My job is causing me to relocate within the next few weeks and I will be without and address for the next couple of months. So the 6-8 weeks to have Microsoft replace it is not an option for now and that is assuming that my warranty is still valid.

My only option was to buy a brand new 360. At least I can consider this an upgrade to the old one. The original was a launch day system. I picked up the Elite model with its 120 GB HDD and HDMI port. The best part… the new one has a supposedly has a processor that wont fry and give me a Red Ring of Death.

So poo to you Microsoft and your poorly made X-Boxes. If this X-Box red rings on me then J. Allard is going to get a Moltov Cocktail through his bedroom window.