Dec 062009

For the next few weeks the podcasts will be sporadically up on the site. I am going to be taking them down one at a time to fix the meta tag data and to get them ready for iTunes compatibility. If all goes well each podcast will be off the site for a few hours. I would like this process to go faster but I am working with a hotel internet connection. I apologize to any listeners out that there that are inconvenienced by this.

Nov 072009

Things are changing behind the scenes here at Explicit Nerdity. I’m hard at work at expanding the site and bringing in more visitors. Unfortunately this also is coinciding with me having to relocate all over the place. For the past week I’ve been working off of a hotel connection and I will continue to for the next 6 weeks. Starting around mid January I will be cut off from the net for an undetermined amount of time. Not that new posts came at any guaranteed time. However, for the time being, things might slow down for a bit. On top of all this John has been working some hellish hours at his job. This translates to no podcast this week. Next week is a little shaky as well. I’ll try to get something lined up just in case but dont hold your breath.

What does all this mean in the long run? Well, the site is going to get a little makeover. On top of that I’m working on getting the podcast on to iTunes and other podcast hosting places.

Hold on to your butts folks. We are in for a wild ride.

Update: Podcast is now up. Woohoo!

Oct 122009

I am very upset at Microsoft.

There I was, enjoying the great satisfaction of beating Infamous on the PS3. I decided that it was time to tackle Halo ODST. I powered up the X-Box 360 only to be greeted with the legedary Red Ring of Death. This is my second time getting this failure. This incident couldn’t come at a worse time. My job is causing me to relocate within the next few weeks and I will be without and address for the next couple of months. So the 6-8 weeks to have Microsoft replace it is not an option for now and that is assuming that my warranty is still valid.

My only option was to buy a brand new 360. At least I can consider this an upgrade to the old one. The original was a launch day system. I picked up the Elite model with its 120 GB HDD and HDMI port. The best part… the new one has a supposedly has a processor that wont fry and give me a Red Ring of Death.

So poo to you Microsoft and your poorly made X-Boxes. If this X-Box red rings on me then J. Allard is going to get a Moltov Cocktail through his bedroom window.